How it all started

It appears that this caper got off the ground when John Squires contacted my wife Sally in the early part of summer 2011 and suggested that it might be a good idea to give me a new bike for my 50th birthday.  Sally agreed and they started to hatch a plan.  Several weeks later, George Beane circulated an email to several people, including me, suggesting we read a new book entitled “It’s All About the Bike” by Robert Penn.  George was very kind to mail me a copy of the book which I read and thoroughly enjoyed.  When I had completed the book, I sent George an email outlining the specs for my dream bike.  Off and on for several years I had been thinking about getting a custom bike made but was not thinking seriously about pulling the trigger any time soon.  One thing led to another and John S. and Sally got their hands on the specs and were off to the races.

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One Response to How it all started

  1. Josh Lewis says:

    And, somewhere, along the way, Rob Penn sent over an inscribed copy of the book itself to Squires, who, in a logistical feat, got it passed all around the country to get signed by Markley’s many buddies. (Squires was justifiably very satisfied with himself for this element of the caper.)

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