Man vs. Burl Day 2

Attacking with two newly sharpened chainsaw blades, was able to saw the burl in half today and was amazed at how solid it was on the inside; no cavities, worms or other inclusions.  There is a lot of evidence of burling and some great colors are present.  We put a moisture meter on the word and its reading very high so that’s not so good, but its so hard and stable I don’t expect too much movement. Pondered next cuts to make to extract best material, need one flat side to act as base while pushing material thru band saw (which takes 12″ maximum cut height).  Got the base cut, but ran out of both energy and sharp chainsaw blades before 2nd cut was made.  So, result for today: Burl 1, Man 1.

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One Response to Man vs. Burl Day 2

  1. John S says:

    Hey, the wrong guy is using the mall! You’ve got the quads to load up on that hammer!

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